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Justin Arroyo Brooklyn New York Fashion Market Editor Stylist *** Artist

Lying liar, dishonest deceitful *** artist.

He lies about everything he’s ever done, this is his real resume:

He is really a gigolo for a living, and is endlessly supported by women. Currently works as nanny and house cleaner for a sugar mommy.

When he says freelance he really means unemployed, he rarely gets any work and when he does it’s only from people he’s slept with or friends. He just lives off his sugar mommy’s alimony.

Agnes B – he got fired, he’s always losing jobs. Probably because he’s a lying dishonest lazy cheat. Director he calls himself. More like clothes hanging delivery receiving sales assistant.

He only got this job through his girlfriend’s friend, he didn’t get this job of his own accord.

And then he lies pretending he was responsible for the art and PR, when Agnes B has specific departments for those things. Why does he think everyone is as *** as he is.

Freelance – see above = unemployed = so unemployed that he lost his apt and had to move in with a married women, who had to get him a job. He couldn’t get one himself in two years.

Mens Vogue and magazine He was never a Senior Market Editor, just a market editor, he adds the Senior bit in himself. Does he think that people he worked with don’t notice this?

Consultant. Ha. No he was an unpaid intern in London. He didn’t have a work visa and he lived courtesy of his girlfriend, she supported him.

Calvin Klein fashion director, really? This guy just makes his job titles up. The only thing he ever did at Calvin Klein was abuse the position of being a straight man in fashion and sleep with as many fashion women as possible. He was just an out partying all the time ***.

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Justin Arroyo

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Justin Arroyo New York Freelance Fashion Stylist Market Editor Retail Worker steals clothes from wherever he works. He also turns up to work stinking highly of vodka every day.

I was later to find out that his resume Linkedin is complete crock of ***. Where he says Consultant he was an unpaid intern. He adds Senior to all his job titles which is ***. He says Director when he means Manager and then states his superiors job duties as his own.

Completely untrustworthy fraudster pathological liar and a thief, would never hire again.

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